The Rise of Indoor Hemp Cultivation


Outdoor flower refers to hemp flower which is grown outdoors in nature, just like most agricultural crops.

OK, Maybe that doesn’t come as too great a shock. But ‘outdoor flower’ is a much broader term than indoor flower. While learning that a plant was an indoor grow tells you a lot about the level of care and resources that went into that plant, hearing that a plant was sun grown doesn’t give you nearly as much information.

The only thing we know when we learn that a hemp flower was sun-grown, is that it was planted outside. Sungrown hemp flower may have been grown in a part of the world which is perpetually overcast, or it may have been grown where there is hardly any precipitation. It could have been grown in the United States, or Central Asia, or the Middle East. It may have been grown by a total newbie, or it may have been grown by Shen Nung, The Divine Farmer himself!

While a skilled hemp grower can control some elements of an outdoor plants environment (feeding the plants routine nutrients, for example) other factors are simply out of anyone’s control, and can vary greatly season-to-season.

Because outdoor hemp plants spend a considerable amount of their energy adapting to their environment, their buds may be less dense than their indoor cousins, as well as of a darker color.

So far this blog post may be giving people the impression that cannabis plants are an incredibly frail and sensitive crop. This is far from the truth. While adaptiveness can vary greatly between strains, most hemp flower is incredibly hearty.

In the right, skilled hands, outdoor hemp flower can provide amazing yields and produce CBD-rich buds that can go toe-to-toe with Indoor strains in terms of aroma, aesthetics, and cannabinoid content. Many of Berkshire CBD’s sun grown strains are regularly mistaken for indoor strains, and have won out in blind taste tests over hemp flower that was cultivated indoors.

While density and aroma are typically the most impacted aspects of outdoor flower (outdoor flower will have more earth notes to it) CBD potency is the least impacted. Outdoor flower can still have a perfectly comparable concentration of cannabinoids as indoor strains.

Moreover, sungrown hemp flower will always remain more abundant than indoor hemp flower. It’s a rare cultivator indeed who can claim the majority of their hemp products as indoor flower. The level of expense and resources required to produce indoor flower strains is simply prohibitive for many cannabis growers.

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